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How to have a genuine smile

Just have a sincere smile if you want to look more striking and trustworthy. It is according to scientific research. A fake smile will have the opposite effect. The Dutch like to keep a close and small circle of friends, but if you want better interactions, smile. Smiling makes other people comfortable when you are with them. You should not only smile but use the best facial expressions so that it doesn’t seem awkward.
Here are some steps on how to smile:
It would help if you had muscle memory of what a genuine smile feels like

A genuine smile will be determined by how well you have muscle memory. The best way to know your muscle memory is when you hang out with your old friends, who share a joke that makes you laugh. The smile you have at that moment will have the following characteristics:

Cheekbones have raised posture

A curve that is upward on the corners of the mouth
The smile line can be on the nose and mouth
When you feel like you have a genuine smile, stand in front of a mirror and take a photo.
You will notice how specific muscles on your face behave when you smile.

Critically analyze your smile in photos.

Facial mimicry tends to show how genuine your smile is. It is what researchers found during a social experiment. Looking at your photos while you smile prompts your brain to have similar expressions while you smile. It is easy to show this theory. For instance, when you visit the beach with a relative and take a photo, your smile will differ from when you take a picture with your colleagues. At work, the smile will make you have a firm posture, and the smile curve will be less upwards.

Think Positively

You will have a genuine smile when you think of the things and people who make you happy. Faking smiles will make you feel uncomfortable in most situations. With easy manipulation of the brain, you can remember the moments you love. With that, you will have more genuine smiles. Everything lies in the power of your memory. Try and react to a particular social situation you have had that made you feel happy. It can be a joke a friend made or the vacation you went on.

Ensure your smile with your eyes

Your eyes contribute to your facial expression, and you can use them to express kindness and positive vibes. The eyelids are an easy way to know how genuine your smile is. If you check the eyelid’s contraction, you can understand whether a smile is fake.
Smiling with your eyes will require that:

You smile using the whole of your face
The muscles around your mouth will move upwards
The eyelids will lower a bit
The upper part of the face should be in place
Relax your mouth

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Smiling is not easy, but changing a few things can make you smile better. Following the few steps, I have outlined will make you smile.

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