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7 texts to tell a girl she’s beautiful

You want to SMS a girl that she’s gorgeous, but you’re at a loss for words. We’re here to assist you in writing a note that will make her blush. If this is a new conversation, remember to keep it fun and lighthearted. Generally, the longer you’ve been dating, the more romantic or racy your text messages can be. Please keep reading for detailed instructions on how to text a girl that she’s lovely, along with examples of text messages.

1. Get a little more formal to stand out

Politeness, using whole words, and avoiding excessive exclamation marks and emoticons are easy ways to set yourself apart. One possible course of action is…
“You are absolutely ideal. The beauty of you makes it impossible for me to keep my sentiments to myself any longer.”
“It’s hard to put into words how profoundly your beauty affects me. You really are a sight to behold.”
“If I’m being too forward, I’m sorry; I just think you’re beautiful.”

2. Focus on a specific, non-sexual feature

While vague compliments about her overall attractiveness may fall flat, noticing when she takes extra care with her hair may mean the world to her. To send her an SMS message, you could:
“I love how your hair is so vibrant with all the different colours you use. You’re adorable already, but the way you’ve been styling your hair is *chef’s kiss*.”
“Your voice is extremely soothing to listen to. I could spend all day listening to you.”

3. Get a little dirty if you’re dating

When two consenting adults are in the same room, risqué conversation is OK. Please give her a compliment that will make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Please don’t do anything inappropriate unless you’re positive it’s something she’d enjoy.
“I keep fantasizing about what I would do with you by my side tonight. You make me wild with your attractiveness.”
“Have you ever seen anybody so stunning that you wanted to press them up against a wall and kiss them with all your might the next time you saw them? Yes, it sums up how I feel about you.

4. Compliment something she’s insecure about

Tell her you like a certain feature she may need clarification on. If you’ve talked before or are dating, and you know she’s self-conscious about an aspect of her appearance, such as her hair or nose, sincere praise for those features would do wonders for her self-esteem.
You may send her a text saying, “I loved the dress you wore today,” if she frequently says that nothing she wears looks decent on her. You are stunning in any outfit but in that dress. Yowza!”
You may text her, “I love this photo of you and me,” if she starts to feel insecure about her smile. Your grin is so sweet; it makes the whole place glow.

5. Go for a humorous option if she’s a jokester

Choose something taking into account her sense of humour. This is an excellent method for capturing a woman’s heart. For example:
I can’t focus on anything but you whenever we’re together. As soon as I realize you’re watching, I’ll avert my gaze and act nonchalant.
“You’re so gorgeous, kids under the age of 17 aren’t even permitted to stare at you without adult supervision.”

6. Be genuine and straightforward

This is always a safe bet, whether you’ve been dating for a while or are just looking to strike up a fling. If your message is sincere, it will have a more significant impact. One possible response is:
“It’s possible that, of all the girls I’ve ever met, you’re the most stunningly beautiful. There’s no denying how adorable you are.”
“I can’t stand anything about you because you make me insane!”
“It’s cliche, I know, but you could be the most gorgeous girl in the world. The United States, at the very least, and maybe the entire globe.”


7. Text with a gif

You may always pretend to be ironic, and if she still ignores you, well, you didn’t say anything.
Even if your phone doesn’t have gif support, you can always send the person a link to one online.
Pick a gif that conveys an idea you share with this person. For example, you could send a gif of Jim from The Office grinning at Pam if you and Pam are both big fans of the show.

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