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How to medidate

Finding a meditation method that works for you is essential to meditating and establishing a regular practice. Guided, unguided, insight (Vipassana), concentrated concentration, loving-kindness (metta), and many more are only some of the styles of meditation available. First, try out a few various kinds of meditation and note which ones feel the most natural and achievable to you. Here are some steps on how to meditate:

1. Choose your Mantra

In meditation, it is common to repeat a mantra to oneself silently. The mantra’s function is to provide a focus away from the internal monologue. No specific wording is required. Words such as “Peace” and “Love” are frequently used by these individuals.

2. Find a Comfortable Place to Sit

It’s ideal to go somewhere peaceful where you won’t be interrupted. Only sit on the floor with your legs crossed if you feel most at ease. Numerous seating options are available, including chairs, sofas, the floor, and even the wall. Cushions, pillows, and blankets are acceptable for use as back support. The ideal position is one in which you can maintain a healthy posture while still feeling at ease. Everyone has unique physical makeup, and if you want to get the most out of your meditation practice, you should prioritize your comfort and convenience. Though it’s not advised, you can try lying on your back if sitting makes you uncomfortable. This is because most individuals end up falling asleep. As long as you have a quiet place to sit, you can meditate there.

3. Gently Close Your Eyes and Begin by Taking Some Deep Breaths

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Once you’ve taken a few deep cleansing breaths, return to your regular, slow, relaxed nasal breathing with your lips closed.

4. Begin Repeating your Mantra Silently to Yourself Without Moving your Yongue or Lips

The mantra you’re repeating is soothing and easygoing. Don’t try to force anything. Some practitioners find that synchronizing their chant with their breath helps them focus more intensely on both. If your mantra is “So Hum,” for instance, you might silently repeat “So” while you’re breathing in and “Hum” while you’re breathing out. During your meditation, let your breathing naturally settle into a rhythm. Repeating your mantra will be a breeze if you’ve got it down. Instead of mentally repeating the mantra, it can be useful to picture yourself listening to it being quietly said in your ear.

5. Do Not Try and Stop Your Thoughts or Empty your Mind

It’s natural to lose focus on the mantra as your meditation progresses. Mind wandering is natural and inevitable, given that we are human. Try not to “empty your head” or suppress your thoughts. If you think about something other than your mantra during meditation, bring your focus back to it and continue repeating it softly.

6. Stop Repeating the Mantra

Once the twenty to thirty minutes are up, you can stop repeating your mantra but keep sitting quietly with your eyes closed. Spend some time completing your eyes and relaxing before getting back to work. It’s acceptable to utilize a timer with a soft, low-volume alarm. Smartphones have been widely adopted as meditation timers. A meditation timer app, or the calming tones of the built-in timer, are both available for use on modern smartphones. The volume must be reduced to an absolute minimum if you want to avoid being jolted out of your meditative state.



Getting in the habit of meditating regularly is the best way to get the benefits. The best times to meditate are first thing in the morning upon waking and the last thing at night before bed. After a morning meditation session, I find that I am more at peace and ready to face the day. In addition, I like to think of my nightly meditation as a “release valve,” allowing me to let go of any remaining worry or anxiety from the day.

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  1. Bargula says:

    I have felt such an enormous change since I took inner engineering, I am a new person and I do things I was never been capable of doing before. I think this should be taught in school it will eradicate so much suffering on Earth

  2. Jeju says:

    We all deserve to happy.
    We all deserve to talk to ourselves.
    In the process of meditating, we really find our inner self in a short time.

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