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How to gain weight in a healthy and sustainable way


Everyone may want to gain weight for different reasons and achieve an optimum weight goal. It’s better to use the healthy route to gain weight. Many people resort to junk food and impulse eating, which negatively affects one’s health. Such methods can increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart complications. It is essential to implement healthier ways to gain weight if that is the intended goal. Healthier ways to gain weight ensure one gains a balanced amount of muscle mass and fat; rather than gaining unnecessary, unhealthy body fat. Various strategies support an individual’s goal to gain weight, such as eating nutrient-dense foods and incorporating healthy habits into their lifestyles, such as enough sleep, less stress, and exercise. This article explores various ways you can healthily gain weight.


Methods of weight gain using healthy means include eating healthy foods. Healthy foods facilitate organic growth in increasing weight. Some ways one can gain weight include the following.

1. Increasing protein intake: Proteins from animal products assist in the growth and development of humans healthily. Proteins between 1 to 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight are the recommended diet to ensure an individual can gain muscle and skeletal growth while incorporating physical activity. Some of these protein-rich foods include nuts, dairy products, eggs, legumes, meat, and fish. One can also integrate protein supplements like whey protein into the diet. One thing to note is to regulate protein intake to avoid heart complications. It’s recommended to seek a doctor and nutritionist’s advice on protein intake that promotes healthy weight gain.

2. Adding carbs and fat intake to a diet: Foods high in fat and carbs are essential for weight gain. While adding these foods to your diet, you should avoid weight loss plans such as intermittent fasting, as they will make it hard to gain the calories from these foods.

3. Creating a calorie surplus: When an individual eats more calories than the body needs, it can increase weight gain chances. It’s important to start slow with a few calories and gradually improve the amount to gain weight faster. It’s simple as one can use a calorie calculator to weigh what they eat and increase the amount of their intake.

To ensure that the weight gain mission is compelling, one should eat at least three meals daily and incorporate energy-dense snacks into their weight gain diet.



A proper decision to gain weight is a personal choice. The article recommends that one does this by living a healthy lifestyle; and following a diet rich in carbs, proteins, and fats. Avoiding junk food to gain weight is also beneficial as it will help individuals focus on healthy ways to gain weight. Therefore, weight gain healthily and sustainably requires one to eat healthily and increase their calorie surplus.

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