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A Basic Guide For Giving a Back Massage

A back massage is more beneficial than you know. So, learning how to give a massage can come in handy. You do not have to be a professionally trained massage therapist to give a massage. Below are some practical tips for giving a back massage:

Gather the necessities

The key to giving someone a good massage is acquiring the right tools. The first thing you need is a massage table. While most people do not think this is a vital requirement, it is the best item to give you access to the person’s back. Also, massage tables are comfortable and they are perfect for spinal alignment. However, if you do not have a massage table, you can use the kitchen table, floor, couch, or bed. The trick is to ensure the surface is sturdy enough for someone to lie on and comfortable. A soft place mat on harder surfaces can make them more comfortable.

Besides a massage table, another essential for giving someone a massage is oil. You can use special massage oils or lotion. Other optional items you may require are: aromatherapy candles, hot stones, and uneventful candles. These products will help you create a soothing environment for the massage.

Create a conducive environment

Once you have all the tools you need for the massage, the next step is prepping the room. It would be wise to make it warm but not hot. You can also play some soothing music and turn down the lights. Once the environment is ideal, you can have the person undress to their comfort level then get started.

Start the massage

Start by pouring the massage oil or lotion in the part of your hands. Rub your palms to ensure the oil is spread evenly. From there, follow the procedure below to give a back massage:

• Spread the oil around the back until it is evenly oiled. You can apply more oil as needed throughout the massage. Do not forget about the shoulders and arms
• Perform slow hand movements through the person’s back
• Begin the massage at the lower back moving upward on both sides of your spine towards the shoulders
• Move circularly upward while applying firm but mild pressure with your thumbs
• Glide across the shoulders as you move down the upper arms, with less pressure
• Use your palms, fingertips, or knuckles as you move across the back in short circular motions. Do this for around two to five minutes then try another movement technique.

Pay attention to the person while giving the massage to avoid injuring them. If they complain about the pressure, numbness, or tingling, ensure to stop massaging the area. Also, do not apply lotion or pressure on an area with an open wound, soreness, or a rash.

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Learning how to give a back massage can help you enhance your relationship. It can help build intimacy in your relationship. Additionally, it helps with recovery from injuries. Back massages increase blood flow to your skin and muscles. This helps increase relaxation and reduce stress. Also, it helps lower your heart rate and manage your blood pressure.

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